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   Real estate investment proposition in Croatia

ROI-High Return on Investment

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  Zagreb Ilica 72

Basic Details

 Sale Price: 800.000€

General details


1st and 2nd floor for sale

Property for sale consists of:

- 1. floor - office/apartment 148,43 m2

- 2.floor – office/apartment 133,15 m2

- total: 281,58 m2


1.floor :

Few offices and kitchen


One big space, no walls

Purchase price: 550,000 EUR

Reconstructions estimate :   250,000 euro

1953 EUR/ m2   Under price !!

In this area center  of Zagreb City the average  prices about 2300-2600Euro  

The property can be made into apartments for short term rent. Currently making more specific architectural plans concerning that

It is possible to operate the place as a business for a short while to maximize sale price based on profit of the business plus the real estate, or keep the place as a business.

The ground floor will be sold separ

Business Model

Part I'
- Renovation of the building and construction of 12 rooms (apartments) according to architectural plan (attached)
- Preparing the building for tourism rental level (AirBNB) and / or monthly rental.
- Signing an agreement with a long-term business tenant (minimum 15 years)

Part II'

Rent the building for a long period and receive a monthly rent of 6000 euros and an annual 72,000 euros.
9% return before paying taxes

?? Why to invest in Croatia

Amazing Nature

Amazing nature

Croatia is known for its stunning landscapes and is beautiful throughout, although it is best known for its incredible clear Adriatic sea and stunning water color, with more than a thousand islands, it offers far beyond that. In fact, the vast majority of its nature parks (Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park, National park Paklenica are fortunately located not far from the Adriatic. One of the things that makes Croatia so special is the fact that you can ski in Biokovo Mountain in May morning, and still be able to swim early On one of the beautiful beaches of Dalmatia in the afternoon, and perhaps above all that more than 20 dictionary tourists choose to spend their vacation there.

Tourism - Rising and breaking High record

If, by 2017, 17 million tourists had arrived, however, by October 2018, more than 21 million tourists had already entered, with an increase in such tourists, this would require more accommodation .. Come now before later.

low euro exchange rate

A relatively low euro exchange rate (at its peak over NIS 5) is an attraction to buy / invest

- The advantage - you get higher value for your shekel

Good reason to invest today !!

Attractive real estate prices

Real estate in Croatia suffered like many other places from the 2008 crisis until today prices are still attractive to buy.

2017-18 is noticeable rise in prices and purchase transactions are getting faster

Of course, it should be taken into account that Croatia already belongs to the European Union (2013) but is supposed to join the Schengen agreement, joining the Schengen agreement is going to be in a relatively short period (up to two years) in each country that joined the price agreement increased by 10-15%. It's time to invest and stay ahead of the profits !!

Rich Food and flavorful

Croatian cuisine contains a combination of several influences, apart from basic Croatian food and with a combination of Italian and Austrian flavors, you can sit here in the restaurant and order any delicious food from the fresh and fine clean cuisine.

Tax Benefits - firm tax low 12% and capital investment encouragement

Croatia encourages investment in the country and in co-operation with foundations and business with the EU it is definitely possible to get some benefits, as well as the attractive corporate tax in Croatia and stands at 12% !!! This encourages investors from all over the world to come here and invest in both industry - business and especially tourism / real estate.

Encouraging more investments over € 150,000 and employing 5 employees qualifies for sailing tax benefits - Ask me about

Croatia is the next thing in Europe

Now ! -It's time to invest in Croatia

About the area

Groski kotar

Gorski kotar is a green oasis where at every turn you can notice the harmonious co-existence of man and nature. With its clear lakes, sunny meadows, numerous water sources, streams, rivers, and wondrous hills and mountains, Gorski kotar is an ideal destination for memorable excursions and holidays.
Surrender to the majestic power of Mother Nature.
Here you will find unspoilt nature that hides a unique beauty and tranquillity, and green landscapes where you can go to sleep listening to the gentle murmur of the forest. You will be struck by the warmth of Gorski kotar's villages and people, and your welcoming hosts are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.


As the inland capital of a country famous for its dazzling island-speckled coastline, Zagreb is often overlooked by travelers.

As the inner continent of a country famous for its spotted coastline, it is impossible to visit Croatia without visiting Zagreb.

It may not have the Adriatic Sea or the coast, but with a combination of the culture and history of the capital of Croatia. You can definitely enjoy exploring and discovering local life without feeling the pressure to mark their most famous sights.

From its intriguing architecture to the wilderness surrounding nature  - not to mention its coffee scene -you might be in love in coffee more - this esteemed European capital has something for everyone.

 Local Aera Map

 About Us

? Why to work with us

We do not intend to give you any misrepresentation or make promises that are not reasonable

Everything is open and visible to you at every stage, we have no secrets, hidden intentions or small letters in the contract.

Reliability - Satisfied customer will bring another new customer so reliability and compliance after all our commitment to you.

Transparency - everything is open and visible to you at every stage of your investment situation and your money is guaranteed - the property is registered under your name from the first moment.

Reports - We undertake to report to you every step or process on a regular basis whether through photos or video clips online from the field.

Scheduling - In everything that relates directly to us (ie renovation / construction, and delivery of the property) we see that compliance with the schedule is of utmost value and so will be because of the fact that the construction process in Croatia is fundamentally different

Don't test us for the words

 just our actions and over the years.

קרא עוד

Our Service

Locating the property, we accompany you throughout the project, (opening a company, bank account and approvals) Signing a memorandum, signing an agreement with the property owner.
Continue through project management below (contracts and agreements with subcontractors and suppliers, recruitment of personnel), advertising and marketing the property for both future and future sales.

important Note 

Our office is not a real estate brokerage firm and is not a real estate broker.

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We make everything - Easy for you

If you decide to invest, let us offer Croatia the next thing in Europe

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